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About the Artists

Ranch Studio Artworks began as a creative outlet for Jessie Miller. A business where she could market her many artistic talents including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and her own brand of unique western decor. RSA grew slowly and deliberately with Jess remaining true to her own style. In 2013 she took a job in a bronze foundry where she met Derek Miller, also an artist. The two became instant friends sharing their passion for art, outdoors and a western lifestyle centered around horses. Life is unpredictable and neither could know that they would eventually end up building a life together where their individual styles would compliment the work they do together.


The two moved to a small rural acreage in Baker county where they create art and custom western decor. With the Elkhorn mountains directly behind them and the Eagle Cap wilderness out their front door Derek and Jess have an abundance of inspiration to draw from. Both are amazed at how seamlessly their work has blended, and judging by the popularity of their ever increasing product line, their clients would agree.


Both have an amazing set of skills that provide them with the tools to create almost anything.  Challenge their abilities with your ideas and visions and you will be amazed with the results!

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