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Lariat Creations

Many of our Lariat Creations can come in different colors and lasso arrangements.  Most of these photos are merely examples of different styles.  Each one has its own unique style and story behind the use of the individual rope.  We can also design these peices with your own personal ropes so that you can put that old rope back into use and have in your home to share with friends and family.  Note that in general all rope colors will be faded to an extent for they are all used!   

Lariat Baskets and Vases

Lariat Clocks/ Wall hangings

Lariat Lamps

Lamps vary in size and shape depending on availabilty at the time.  Lamps can come with or without shades.  Shade styles vary as well in shape, size and style.  These shades can be custom designed for your home with any design, logo or brand.  Please email to have your custom design created!

Lariat Mirrors

Glass etching is always an option for these mirrors to cutomize them for your home with your design, logo or brand.

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